The TakeoffAlert Story...

I’ve been flying large multi-crew aircraft for many years now.  We have Dispatch departments that utilize highly detailed performance planning software to comply with the takeoff planning required for each takeoff. This data, along with heavy training and standardization gives the airline and the pilots complete confidence in a takeoff from any runway. In the General Aviation world where we don’t have Dispatch departments or dedicated aircraft performance software that evaluates each runway and weather for takeoff. At best, we utilize the Pilots Operating Handbook (POH) to determine our takeoff performance. But there’s no way to accurately evaluate that performance during the takeoff.

How do I know if I’m getting the takeoff performance that I’m expecting?

Answer, YOU DON’T.

Enter TakeoffAlert.

I designed TakeoffAlert to give pilots of small General Aviation aircraft the ability to evaluate the status of each takeoff as it occurs in realtime. Now for the first time you can determine how your aircraft is performing compared to the takeoff performance calculated from the POH.

High density altitude? Now you’ll know if you’re takeoff is proceeding according to the book. Short or soft field? It doesn’t matter, you’ll always know how your aircraft is performing.

For more information, take a look at the User Guide. Or feel free to contact me. 

Raymond Chase, the designer and engineer of TakeoffAlert has been a professional pilot for over 25 years and currently flies B737s for a major US airline.

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